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Re: Tap Water Purifier

Edward writes:

>  When
>  you are in the market for a larger / more economical water purification
>  system, look into the Kold Ster-il.  It keeps all the minerals in the water
>  which in my opinion, is much better than any RO/DI units out there for both
>  potable and aquaristic use.

If it keeps the minerals IN the water, then what's the point?  If you're just 
trying to get out the solvents, colorants, and other pollutants, you can use 
activated carbon in a box filter.  We use RO to remove the minerals, 
including, and particularly, the Mg that Rich is complaining it takes out.  
Maybe niether of you two is comprehending what de-ionizers and RO units are 
for?  We want SOFTER water.  We can't get softer water if we leave in the 
minerals that make it hard.  Maybe you and Rich have water that is 
satisfactory for your needs.  I need water with a hardness <1, and 
conductivity under 40mms.  Yeah, so then my plants won't thrive in de-ionized 
water, but I can still keep my conductivity and hardness low, while adding 
Natural Gold, PMDD, MasterGrow, or whatever plant food I choose to use.

If the fish and plants that you keep are content in water with the minerals 
still in it, don't use the TWP, or any other DI or RO unit.

Bob Dixon