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Re: Fish O rama

>Hi all,
>I saw this ad in the latest issue of FAMA.  We can now have saltwater fish 
>in with our freshwater specimens. Seems cruel and unusual punishment to me. 
>Like those 6" fish cube "complete ecosystems" you can buy at the large 
>retailers. The URL is www.Fish-O-Rama.com. Not in my tanks, in my lifetime.

This is nothing new. I had Blue Damsels in FW African tanks for 2 years some
20 years ago. Selling this commerically is weird though. I was just kid back
then. I loved Blue damsels back then and had a small salt tank. I did it by
slowly lowering the salt concentration over 6 months and using dolomite
gravel for my African lake cichilds. Later, I found very blue colored
cichilds that fit much better and were far more interesting. I could breed
these fish whereas breeding these Hypo-Salt fish might prove a wee bit
problematic. No one ever thought you could breed salt fish back then anyway.
They lived for about a year in FW. That was a long time to keep a salt fish
for most folks back then. I guess they do something different to patent
these fish.
I liked the pink color we had with our dolomite gravel so that may have been
a big factor. I got lucky now that I think about it by using the dolomite.
Get a salt tank if you want a salt fish. Get FW tank if you want FW fish.
Why try to add both and be so limited? This is the basic question.

I think a clown fish would look far more natural and better nestled in an
aneome and some Soft and SP corals rather than a plastic plant or rock.  It
may be a novelty but it is certainly not natural looking.  Two tanks would
surely look/be much better for the fish. 

They are going to have a rough time keeping that operation going I would
think. Lots of hate mail from both FW and salt folks. Kind of like the
painted Glassfish IMO. Why not just paint the FW fish instead:) ? Surprised
that FAMA printed it actually. TFH has some hand in it also. I thought their
ethics where against hostile fish environments. Cyanide caught fish/Painted
glass fish were a big issue but this is OK? Perhaps a painted glass fish is
a patented process too, lending more creditability.
I think there is a very very limited market for this also. This part is good
news IMO. No money in it, no one will sell it. Plus you have to buy fish you
have never seen, you need to have them shipped by mail(how many of you have
done this on the list here?) to you also and they cost lots more than the
local Regular saltwater fish. If one dies you have to go through this
process again. I just don't see it happening. No water change and no fish
deaths for a year or two? Now how many hobbyist will have such luck? 
Tom Barr