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Open top - Lighting question


right now my tank is a 65 gallon with the dimensions of being 3 feet long, 
18 wide, 24 high, lighting is supplied via flourscent tubes 30wattsx8,

I plan to buy a tank to replace this one with the same dimensions except the 
length being 4 feet instead...
and modifying my canopy to sit on either the left or right side of the tank 
leaving 1 feet open on the other side for plants to grow above the water 
surface.. would this be a good idea?

does the rule of watts/gallon still work in this case?
without adding additional lights or changing my lighting configuration can I 
still grow glossostigma in the 3/4 of the tank?

on the 1 foot open side I plan to grow some large sword plants..

Thank You
Raymond Wong

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