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Re: substrate iron II

Roger Miller posted:

> Last weekend I posted the following question:
> > Can anyone (in addition to Rhonda Wilson and Diana Walstad) report
> > long-term success in a planted tank without adding chelated iron to
> > either the water column or the substrate?  I'm particularly interested
> > in the performance of soil-based substrates, substrates with laterite,
> > or Flourite substrates in high growth rate tanks with bright light and
> > added CO2.  By "long-term" I mean at least two years.
> I received no answer, negative or positive, on or off the list.  How does
> one interpret the absence of an answer?  Does it mean that oodles of
> people have tried and failed, so it probably isn't possible?  Does it mean
> that success with the method is limited to humble people who don't want to
> advertise their gardening skills?  Does it mean that the question is
> utterly boring and not worth a response, or that everyone was looking the
> other way when I posted the question?

I didn't reply because I don't meet your criteria -- I've had a heavily
planted tank with Flourite set up for, oh, about two years now.  I've got
four flourescent tubes of lighting on a 75 gallon with occasional pop bottle
yeast injection.  I don't add anything to the water column, but I've been
known to insert an occasional Jobes stick at the roots of a sword plant.

I'm happy with it.  Growth speeds up, and slows down, generally depending on
whether I'm using CO2 or not.  What else do you want to know?

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD