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Re: kitty litter substrate

I have a 55 gallon with about 75% kitty litter and 25% gravel.  I would say 
the gravel is between fine and medium grained.  It has been set-up for about 
4 months (definitely not long term) and so far the plants, without CO2 are 
growing marvelously.  I haven't fertilized or added anything else to the 
substrate.  I'm growing crypts, swords, giant val, ambulia, and the glosso is 
slowly but surely creating a carpet.  My lighting is 4 - 40 watt flourescents 
on shop lights.  The tank went through an algae bloom a month ago and with 
patience and conservative management (a little help from a 350 Magnum with a 
micron) it resolved without too much effort.  Now the tank looks beautiful.  
I plan on CO2 soon as I have a 20lb canister of it but I need to get a 
regulator.  I''m a sit back and watch kind of guy and believe me I dont plan 
on disturbing this tank for a long time so it will be an experiment in long 
term kitty litter substrate.  I have observed that air bubbles in some areas 
of the substrate remain probably due to compacting.  On the other hand I can 
clearly see glosso roots penetrating the substrate when looking at it through 
the glass.