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DIY CO2 systems

Today, I've just set up a DIY co2 system for a 29G tank
using a 2 litre coke bottle. I gave the bottle a good
shake after it was connected up and a  little bit of
the mixture ended up being pumped into the tank
(maybe about a 1/2" worth in the airline tube).

Is there any danger to the fish/water quality if this

I've set up a one-way valve thingie, but it's working
so that the tank will not drain out. Is this sort of
setup ok?

Any ideas of how soon I'll be able to see some 
results in my plants? 

I haven't set up a reactor chamber, but have
an airstone attached, and the bubbles are travelling
up to just under the waterflow from my Whisper 2
pump I'm getting about a 3 second burst of small bubbles
about every 8 seconds or so. The bubbles look like
they're getting smaller. I don't know if this is actually
happening as the co2 is being absorbed or if it's just
my imagination.

Any thoughts would be grateful as this is totally new to