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Re: propagating aponogeton

Paul wrote:

> A. stachyosporus is a synonym for A. undulata.  At one time it was
>  considered to be a narrow-leaved version of A. undulata.  If it is undulata
>  (stachysporous), it will grow little plants on the flower stalk, in the
>  same manner as sword plants do.  If it has produced a flower, brush the
>flower with a small paint brush, like the kind used for watercolors.  If
>the flower doesn't have a mechanism preventing self-fertilization, you
>should get some seeds to develop.

They are nothing alike, other than the tuber. There are no plantlets on the 
stalk, just a flower on the end. So, you brush this and wait to see if seeds 
develop? How long would this take? What does one look for? 

Raj wrote:

>I got seeds only when I rubbed two flowers together to

Maybe this answer is obvious to others, but not me  . . .from 2 different