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Tank problems

Thanks Alysoun for the reply

I think you may be right that my tank is deinfately out of whack.  About 2
weeks ago after thinking the browning on my ambulia was a magnesium
defficiency I added extra magnesium to the water (1/4 tsp to 5 gal) plus
kept up my normal fertilisation (flourish, flourish iron)...  In this time I
had a few fish mysteriously die, the emergence of snails (from that damn
riccia) and I totally cleaned my filter (replaced the whole lot with clean
new bioballs) which would've totally stuffed the biofiltration.   I think
the magnesium has put my nutrients out of whack and the unestablished
biolfilter isnt doing any help either.. what should I do ?? some major water
changing ?

Jon Hammond