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Blue Cetopsis

sorry for the off-topic question, but i thought maybe some of the south 
american experts can help with this...

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

hi all,

i had previously inquired about this fish i saw in a petshop.  i ended up 
buying the 2 that were constantly swimming against the glass.  they are 
basically whale- or shark-looking catfish with a cool blue color.

at home they were constantly swimming against the glass.  i lost one as it 
disappeared (a disadvantage of heavily planted tanks) but the survivor seems 
to be doing well.  it's an almost blind fish, but it swims with its mouth 
open all the time.  since it's in constant motion, it requires hearty 
feedings often.  

at the shop, it was housed with tiny checkerboards, but they didn't go after 
them.  so i assume they are not predatory but possibly parasitical fish?  
anybody got any more info on this fish?