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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #343

>Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 12:49:13 EDT
>From: Biplane10 at aol_com
>Subject: Propagating aponogeton
>One of my aponogeton plants has produced a flower stalk. It was labeled as
>aponogeton stachyosporus. I have not seen this plant listed anywhere, and so
>can't get any info on it. The tuber is similar to a. undulatus, and leaf
>shape similar to a. crispus, but slight variances in leaf color and size.
>The flower stalk is emerged from the water and is trying to creep up into the
>Is this plant self fertilizing? How would I go about attempting to propagate?
A. stachyosporus is a synonym for A. undulata.  At one time it was
considered to be a narrow-leaved version of A. undulata.  If it is undulata
(stachysporous), it will grow little plants on the flower stalk, in the
same manner as sword plants do.  If it has produced a flower, brush the
flower with a small paint brush, like the kind used for watercolors.  If
the flower doesn't have a mechanism preventing self-fertilization, you
should get some seeds to develop.

Paul Krombholz, central Mississippi, moisture is on the increase, but still
waiting for rain.