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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #339

>I have a plant in my tank that I would like somebody to identify. It sounds
>like this plant and I wonder if it the same thing. The stuff I have grows
>very long and looks like Egeria Densa.  In low light areas the internode
>space if several inches but in high light areas the space shrinks to about
>1/4" There are 5 leaves at each node and each leaf is about 1/16" wide by
>1/2" long and is slightly serated. The plant winds itself in amongst the
>other plants and is really difficult to remove. I don't know where it came
>from it must have slipped in with some other plant. I really hate this
>stuff. I have tried to eradicate it but it always comes back. I am just kind
>of curious about the identification as I would like to put a name to my
>misery. This plant has caused me more work than any other feature of my 90
>gallon tank and I am allergic to tank maintainance. I get hives just
>thinking about it.

E najas is not to bad to remove compared to others plants. It has a distinct
serration on each leaf edge and the plant gets "crunchy" if grown in harder
waters and feathery if in softer water like many other plants. Looks like
many pic's of L. major. This plant, najas, branches more than these others.
Check the Baensch vol 2 I think for a better ID. It can be quite decorative
bu8t needs pruning here and there(1-2 weeks).
Perhaps adding some crypts instead will solve your maintenance misery.

Tom Barr