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Re: very mysterious deaths...

Hmm...food for thought.  However, since I run fluorescent lighting for 12
hours a day, there should have been no change in oxygen levels, unless
brought on by the filter cleaning?

Also...now I am a trifle confused.  I thought air pumps were no-no's for
planted tanks.  You switch off filters to reduce turbulence, but doesn't the
air pump cause CO2 depletion?  Or is this not a problem in the dark?


On: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 20:42:07, Raj wrote:
<<<<<<I had the same problem in my 55g heavily planted tank. The
were occuring after a few days of overcast skies (my tanks are
outdoor). Overcast skies cause low O2 levels I presume and at
night the plants deplete these low levels and cause fatalities.
The older larger fishes seem prone to this..

After I lost a few prized Orandas, I set up a photo-electric
switch that switches ON the air pump after dark; at the same
switches off the filters (reduces the turbulence).