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Are my Killifish spawning?

I have a pair of beautiful Gardneri Killifish, which I got about two weeks
ago.  They are quite small yet -- about 1 inch long.  I put them into a
pseudo-quarantine tank; it's 10-gal and planted.  Yesterday I added some
more plants to this tank: a potted rotala, and some cuttings of limnophila
sessiflora and hygro polysperma.  I also did a 25% water change.  Maybe they
liked the changes, because today this pair are flitting around.  I am
wondering if they are spawning.  The male is following the female around,
and she doesn't seem to mind.  She swims away but returns, and they keep
going to the same corner of the tank, behind a rock.  She seems to be
pressing her abdomen into the gravel, and he presses himself against her.
Then they swim around some more, and move to another spot in the gravel, and
repeat this procedure.  I don't see any eggs, but her belly does seem a bit

Is this typical spawning behaviour for Gardneri?  If so, do they need a
spawning mop?  Or peat?  And...would I need to remove their tankmates to
avoid having the eggs eaten?  Or move the Killifish to a small tank of their
own?  Currently in quarantine with them are 3 small otocinclus and 4 small
(i.e. 1 inch) clown loaches.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!