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Re: very mysterious deaths...

on Mon, 12 Jun 2000 18:55:55, Michael Moncur wrote, in response to my
question about mysterious deaths in my tank this morning:

<<<<<<Does the tank have CO2 and no airstone? When I've found fish dead in
morning, I've always been able to pin the blame on low oxygen levels. Ever
since I started running an airstone for a few hours every night, I never
find dead fish without previous symptoms.

Changing the filter or a recent plant pruning could have slowed down plant
growth enough to create an oxygen problem.>>>>>>

This is a good question, and I should have mentioned in my original post,
that I do not run CO2 on my tank (not brave enough, yet!).  Also, I did not
notice any fish gasping near the surface, or seeming uncomfortable.

Someone at the LFS was speculating, that perhaps my three Black Skirt Tetra
are getting rambunctious with the other fish.  They are becoming quite
large.  I haven't ever SEEN them harrassing their tankmates, but who knows
what they do at night?  These are fish that were given to me, and I am
thinking of trading them in anyway.  Does anyone know if Black Skirt Tetras
could be nasty enough to cause death of tankmates?