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Re: very mysterious deaths...

on 01:48 PM 6/12/00 , Gitte wrote:

>My apologies to those who feel this is off topic.  This morning I found two
>of my (female) dwarf neon rainbows, dead in the tank.

Does the tank have CO2 and no airstone? When I've found fish dead in the 
morning, I've always been able to pin the blame on low oxygen levels. Ever 
since I started running an airstone for a few hours every night, I never 
find dead fish without previous symptoms.

Changing the filter or a recent plant pruning could have slowed down plant 
growth enough to create an oxygen problem.

>I am wondering if I am underfeeding.  If so, would I have seen any symptoms

Underfeeding would have caused weeks of gradual wasting away... not two 
sudden deaths the same night.

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