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Colorado Ocean Journey

A few months back, George Booth posted an excellent review of
Colorado Ocean Journey.  Well, I finally got a chance to check it out.

I found most of George's comments right on.  The lighting of the
tanks was very dim, and the lighting outside the tanks was pretty
bright, which meant that photos would not come out very well.  I
tried anyway, but didn't have too much success.

Not being an outdoors type, I found the native river fish interesting.
I had never seen a cutthroat trout, and hadn't ever really noticed
the beauty of a rainbow trout.  So those were cool to watch.  They
had a tank with a bunch of trout fry too.  That was interesting for

I enjoyed the salt-water exhibits, having lived for several years
in a small beach town.   There was a lot of "I remember seeing those..."

I was eager to see the rainbowfish in the Indonesia journey section,
and was just as disappointed as George predicted.   They rainbows were
still nothing special.   My guess is these were recently added rainbows
as they were probably less than a year old.   The tank appeared to have
more plants than what George described.   Nothing special, and not
particularly native to the area where rainbowfish are found.  

As for the other tropical freshwater fish, they had barbs, including
some red tiger barbs, and the green tiger barbs George mentioned.
I too noticed the mention of the "Siamese Flying Fox".  The description
shows that they are confused, as they first state: "Notice that all it's
fins are nearly colorless" which sounds like an SAE.  But they go on to
say "Watch how this fish agressively defends its small territory", which
is definitely not an SAE.   I got lucky enough to spot two, and they were
definitely the real deal, SAEs.

I've got some pictures posted at:

There are no pics of the freshwater tropicals, as those pics all were
unusable due to the lighting conditions.

Chuck Gadd