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Potassium carbonate/bicarbonate

With our recent discussions of K+, I thought I'd include a little 
technical summary of the two:

KCHO3 - 39% [K+], 61% [HCO3-], solubility of 35.7g/100ml H20, 
pH = 8.2, derivred by passing CO2 into a solution of potassium 
carbonate in water.

K2CO3 - 56.6% [K+], 43.4% [CO3--], very soluble in water, pH = 
11.6, strongly alkaline, caution should be used.

So, I agree with Roger that the Bicarb of Potassium would be a lot 
safer and easier to work with. And also, Wayne asked about using 
CO2 to make bicarb from the carbonate solution and it looks like it 
can be done. Good luck Wayne and let us know how it goes.

Jamie    <"\\\><