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RE: Flooring by the fish tank

> chong wan-tong <deweychong at yahoo_com> wrote:
> I am trying to find out if laminate wood flooring
> > (popular nowadays) is suitable... <snip>
> > Does anyone in this list use laminate wood flooring?
> > 
> > Is the laminate able to take the weight? Does it crack
> > after sometimes? What about water wetting the
> > flooring?
> > 
> > What about timber or parquet flooring? Are they
> > suitable too?
> > 
> > My contractor advises me to use ceramic floorings or
> > other "hard" flooring. He says laminate wood flooring
> > is not suitable.
I think you might want to listen to the contractor.
The problems with the various laminate and parquet
wood flooring seems to be related to a large resurfacing
cost after water damage or other abrasive scarring
(not first-hand experience, but seems consistent among
my contractor friends.)

I used to think I wanted it, but now I'm more inclined
to stick with solid wood flooring or ceramic tile,
both of which can handle the water better.  (If you 
get cracking, it's probably not the surface material
but related to inadequate floor support...  I've
been watching the cracks in my basement underneath
my 180g for a few months now with increasing worry.)

charleyb at cytomation_com