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Re: CO2 to multiple tanks

    I'm new to this mailing list, I bought a regulator with 6 outlets and
have connected 2x2ft and 1x1.5ft tank to a 5litre cylinder, all I can say
is, its surely worth it.. btw, I'm from Singapore and the guy who sold me
told me that its actually for his personal use.. but I got him to sell to
me.. abt SIN$200.. kinda expensive for a regulator though... those precision
valves r good, I could even do a bubble per 2-3 seconds

my 2 cents
Edward at marine monsters wrote:

> We are bringing in what we called the Hexo-Manifold.  It is to be attached
> to the 1/8" FPT outlet of your CO2 Regulator and this manifold has 6
> with 6 individual precision needle valves on.  Thus enabling you to feed
> for up to 6 aquariums individually.  We just sold the demo unit to a
> gentleman whom I believe is on this list.  Hope that he will post a review
> if he sees this.

Ok Edward, enough of a tease. When will it be available, and how about a
ballpark price? Also, I would really like to see a review, if the
gentleman would care to post it.

> As for the Daphnia Reactor, the daphnia innoculation, fertilizer and food,
> you know where to find those, right?  ; )

My hats off to you Edward. This is the best left handed commercial plug
I've ever seen. You paying attention Dwight?

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl.