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Re: Iron/Calcium/greenwater, etc

on 01:48 AM 6/12/00 , Eric Johnson wrote:

>Iron: My new Red Sea iron kit is showing 0.1 ppm in my two planted tanks. Is
>this enough? What do you shoot for? I'm seeing some signs of chlorosis in
>one of the tanks. Is there a good way to add iron without otherwise feeding

I'm sure I won't be the only one to say this, but Red Sea test kits aren't 
worth the water you mix them with. I wouldn't draw any conclusions until 
you get a better kit (Hach, Lamotte, Seachem, Sera). I bought Red Sea's $30 
"Master test kit" and the only kit I've found to work consistently is the 
Ammonia kit, which is just the standard Nessler thing.

I shoot for 0.1 ppm iron when I'm not having any algae problems and "just a 
trace" when I am.

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