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Re: Cheap Digital Aquarium Thermometers

on 01:48 PM 6/11/00 ,  erdoz1 wrote:

>A digital thermometer with probe wire can be had for $6-$12.  Sold as a
>Indoor/Outdoor  Thermometer (made in China), it reads the air
>temperature on the top display and the probe temp. on the bottom. My
>sensor is anchored at the bottom of the tank. I take the little magnet
>out of the probe end to avoid rust.

I've been using these for years. There are several models that have probes 
that are entirely plastic-coated and can be submerged unmodified. I usually 
strap the probe to the filter intake   a few inches below the waterline.

I have one on my big tank that even records minimum and maximum 
temperatures, which comes in handy occasionally.

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