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Mysterious deaths, algae

First I have had some mysterious deaths / damaged fish in my tank lately.
That otto that was sick.. he has regained his colour (almost fully) but has
what looks like a large abrasion on the left side of his little head.. I
don't know how this occured (surely not another one of my fish nipping or
trying to eat him) and I hope it heals.  Lately my Dwarf Gourami hasn't been
eating (wasn't sure why) and just now I found him floating side on the top
of the water barely moving.. I did the humane thing.. by the way for those
of you who hate putting down your fish as much as me the best way is put
them in the freezer.. this slowly lowers there body temperature and
metabolism and they dont go painfully or messily.

Secondly.. My tank has shown signs of surface skum.. I know this has been
discussed before on how to remove it etc but could it possibly be harmful or
reflecting some aspect of my tank that is harming my fish.  Also looking
very closely today I began to notice some very fine tangly green algae (I
suspect it is green thread algae?) on some leaves of my plants (the hygro
mainly).  I have never had an algae problem in my tank except for greenwater
and don't know whats changed to bring this on.  Is my best option to not
fertilise for a while and let the 2 full grown SAEs, bristle nose catfish
and otto try and clean it up.. and do some water change ?  Any ideas on any
of my problems and why my tank has all of a sudden seem to show mysterious
symptoms and caused mysterious deaths / goings on.  (one last though.. could
it be those tiny snails i discovered dying or something causing water

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia