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Temperature in a planted tank

Hello everyone...

got a simple questions... what temp (range) would be the optimal for a 
planted tank with high lighting ~ 3.6 watts/gallon, with CO2, 66 gallon tall 
tank (2 feet high)

right now it's at 82/28 for the last 1.5 years and my plants are growing 
nicely... (acutally i keep the water at this temp because my hands/arms feel 
more confortable in this temp when I'm aquascaping...i know .. i know)

there's some bolivian rams, rainbowfish,sae's octo's in there..

would plants grow better/faster in slightly lower temp? or should i keep it 
at this temp following the rule of 'if it's not broken don't fix it' and 
don't play around with the temp?

acutally this is a serious question...
maybe plants wil benefit from cooler water .. i think something to do with 
cooler water being able to hold more oxygen?

Thank You
Raymond Wong

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