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RE: extra lamp for plants

>On my tank (29 gal) I have a single 24" florescent bulb, but I would like
>more light to the plants once I plant the tank since I believe the current
>strip light is only a 40 watt.  I have an all glass canopy, so would it
>work, or be advisable, to place some sort of non-striplight lamp over the
>tank with a stronger "plant-oriented" bulb?  I am going to be making this
>into a very densely planted tank with a school of smaller fish, 3 bettas
>a few algae eaters (SAEs if I can get them).


I have just upgraded my 29 gal to a single 36W PC tube from AHSupply. Wow!
Definitely worth the $60 spent on it.

Slawomir Janicki
janicki1 at earthlink_net

P.S. For now I really need my three SAEs, two otos and two dwarf bristlenose
plecos to win the brown algae war in that tank.