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Glass cat numbers

Josh wrote:

>First, some specifications:
>- - 20 gallon long (30 x 12 x 12 inches)
>- - 1 100 watt halogen on one end
>- - 2 15 watt strip lights (with aquari-lux and aqua-glo)
>- - 2 fish (1 glass catfish and 1 pictus catfish)


Putting your plant questions aside for the moment, I just thought you should 
know that the glass catfish is a schooling fish.  It will suffer unless you 
keep a minimum of 3 in the tank.  They are rather delicate fish also.  If 
you purchase some more (which you should do right away) I would purchase a 
few more than you need in case you have some die off while they are being 
quarantined.  They grow no larger than 5 to 6 inches, so don't worry about 
overcrowding your 20 gallon.

Michael Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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