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Plants with Amquel and Ammo-Lock 2

Are Amquel and Ammo-Lock 2 the same chemical? If they are not, which would be 
a better one to use with a planted tank? The label on Ammo-Lock 2 says that 
the ammonia still exists, just in a different form (the unionized, right?), 
while amquel says that it bond with the ammonia. With Amquel, is the ammonia 
still available to the plants? I worry about this because any of the chemical 
not used initially (with the water change) will react with ammonia later 
produced by the fish. I want this ammonia to be utilized by the plants. 
Amquel says it contains sodium methanosomethingoxysulfate (not sure what its 
called), while Ammo Lock 2 has Alphatic Amine salts (is that even the active 
Any response would be greatly appreciated?