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Re: Unwanted snails

I think it's almost impossible to keep a planted tank free of snails, unless 
you have a snail predator. I find them harmless and quite helpful. Along with 
the MTS, they will consume any residual food/etc. that lies on the bottom.


> The MTS's are invited residents, but somehow I ended up with other snails
>  that I don't want.  They have round, dark shells, and I have been picking
>  them out by hand, usually when they're still small (alive).  I even found
>  one living in the bottom of my filter when I cleaned it out yesterday.  Two
>  were also stuck in the Eheim surface skimmer intake.  They seem very
>  fragile; as soon as I touch them, the outer parts of their shells seem to
>  crush.  I read in Baensch that the flesh of dead snails will poison a tank,
>  so I don't want to use any chemicals to kill them.