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Variances in N&P uptake

In a message dated 06/10/2000 4:06:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Sylvia writes:

> I'd presumed that a tank with higher nitrates would also have higher 
>  phosphates, as they would be similarly utilized in a tank.

It's interesting to see the differences in N & P uptake in otherwise 
identical tanks with different plant communities.  My first display featured 
a wide mix of plants, but was heavy on val, hygro, sags, swords, java fern 
and anubias.  I was able to use the standard PMDD formulation with good 
success.  After refurbishing the tank last year and focusing primarily on 
swords and Bacopa, I was forced to double the amount of N going into the tank 
because it was being used up so fast that the plantings were looking 
yellowed.  Anyone else using modified versions of PMDD or finding particular 
planting combinations that have special requirements for N & P?

Pete Mohan
Kent, Ohio