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Many thanks

Hello all.

I wanted to thank those of you who answered my question about my A.
rigidifolia and Kent Marine pH Stable.  A few of you suggested that it would
be worthwhile to do my tests over again, that a pH of 4.7 would be killing
fish. That sounded like a sensible idea. So I have recalibrated my pH pen
and remeasured GH and KH from my tap water.

Well, I'm too embarrassed to tell you how off I've been all this time.
Suffice it to say that my water isn't really that soft, my pH isn't really
that low, and hey, maybe those really aren't even fish in my tank. I'm
certainly not getting anything else right. But I will mention this for other
newbies, if they are lurking -- it certainly pays to read directions, and
then read them again, and then read them a THIRD time if its not sinking in.
Especially the part on the Tetra GH/KH test instructions that say that using
a 10 cc test sample is far more accurate than a 5 cc test sample.

Fortunately, none of my mistakes have seemed to harm my fish in a noticeable
way. I hope.

I will slink away now...