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Re: Lighting Question

I didn't see this part of the question answered, so I thought I'd dive in.

Steven Dixon asked in behalf of Carmen Robinett:

>2)      Would it be a good idea to initially limit the "on" time for the new
>bulbs?  Kind of working the plants up to it before setting them on the 12-hr
>cycle?  I was wondering if a drastic light change would upset the crypts or
>incite an algal bloom.

You mention that you are moving from 24" (I assume 18W) to 2 x 30W.
This is roughly doubling the amount of light. It has always been my
experience that any time I change the lighting by a factor of 2, that there
is often significant crypt melting. I wouldn't think that simply modifying the
length of time that the lights are on would help in this situation, but I may
be wrong. The increase in lighting will not, by itself, incite an algal bloom.
The excess nitrogen from a massive crypt melt probably will. Also, keep
in mind, increasing the light will likely cause everything to grow faster,
thus requiring an increase in nutrients. DO NOT just arbitrarily double
any feeding of the plants that you are currently performing. Just keep an
eye open for nutrient deficiencies.

None of this is intended to scare you off from doing this. Personally, I
have 4 x 48" 40W fluorescent bulbs over my 40G tanks. The crypts grow
out of control, and Anubias barteri grows at a noticeable rate. Although
changing your lighting may induce a crypt melt, this doesn't mean crypt
death. I have suffered through several massive crypt melts over the
years, and they always recover. Just remember to keep everything else
in check when doing so.

Good luck,
Eric Deese   Columbus, Ohio  USA

PS  I'll now return to my occasionally lurking, as work and home life
are keeping me far to busy to consistently read this list at the moment.
Heck, it's even keeping me from paying much attention to my tanks!
Sorry I haven't been more active lately, guys.