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RE: Hairgrass and difficult plant

 I guess I will have to go to one of your club
>meetings Tom to get your dwarf hairgrass, because I dont have a source for

Gee, SFBAAPS does have some power! You can grow it emersed if you really
want to raise it commercially. Those seedling trays with covers work very
well. I'm not sure if anyone besides me is growing the dwarf hairgrass but
I've sold many batches to someone at the auctions. 

 I am really pleased with how the rockwork and corkbark turned out,
>thanks. Now, if you dont mind a personal question here on the list, one of
>the plants you gave me you said was difficult to grow. One of your plants
>looks like the Lagarosiphon major, as pictured in Oriental Aquariums
>catalog. Is this the difficult plant you gave me? Its grown about six inches
>in that tank!

No, that stuff can grow 2-4 inches a day. Egeria najas. Nice plant. Good for
those non CO2 tanks too(slower growing and finer texture). I like that plant
but it is a fast growing weed.

I believe the plant I was referring to was the Eichhornia diversifolia. It
may be easier for some than others. I have a tank with it as the main plant
and I have taken some photo's that I will slide scan sometime and post

Neil Frank also got a good look at them and has some slide photo's also.
Tom Barr