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>I'd appreciate it a lot if some of the kindly folk on this list could 
>identify some or all of the plants in the aquascape found on the following 
>I want to try and recreate it in my tank at home. It's ok if you can only 
>identify a couple (or even just one of them) of them. I figure, if I get a 
>lot of different responses I can piece them together. Thanks in advance.
>Dan P

Well, there's the dwarf hair grass, Mic. umbrosum on the right, Hem.
micranthmoides on the left, can;t really tell on some the others. There
might be some Riccia worked into the hair grass. There's some dwarf
Sag's/maybe chain swords. The background plants look like they could be some
of that Ludwigia inciliata perhaps, Rotala indica var. "aurea" maybe,
Ludwigia acurata maybe. All of these are difficult stem plants over the long
term. But they are very pretty plants well worth it.
Tom Barr