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Re:OFF TOPIC- KH GH test kit questions

Jeff wrote:

I thought that your KH could never be higher than your GH. My new Hagen test
kits are giving me a KH of 6 and a GH of 4. I am using 60/40 RO/tap mix and
the only the only thing I add is AmQuel.


KH is a measure of alkalinity, basically how much acid must be added to a
certain volume of water to lower the Ph to 4.5.  GH is a measure of the
calcium and magnesium content.  The well water in the north Jackson area
has a lot of sodium bicarbonate in it, but virtually no calcium or
magnesium.  The sodium bacarbonate gives it a KH of 9, whereas the GH is 0.

Paul Krombholz, central Mississippi, moisture is on the increase, and we
may get some rain over the next three or four days.