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Re: A. rigidifolia failing/Kent Marine pH Stable

I have a similar setup, 55 with pure Flourite and DIY CO2.  I also had to
buffer the water with baking soda, since Oahu's municipal supply has a KH of
3 dH or less.  However, I put Tetra Initial Sticks, a pellet form 1-0-25
fertilizer, in the Flourite and I add about a teaspoon full of Kent Discus
Essential to the water every week.  That's not the best trace element mix to
use, but it's what was available.  I've had no problems, other than things
growing faster than I would like.

I'm actually of the opinion now that Flourite is a waste of money at $3.00
per pound.  The only claim made is for iron, that's available from trace
element mixes that I'm going to add anyway.  It's especially a waste for me,
since I can get large grained black lava sand.

I added some sand inside pots that I placed in the aquarium for Krib
breeding.  My Corydoras now spend all their time in that sand.  I think they
don't like Flourite much.

Is it possible that you are getting too much CO2?  Some fish have a high
tolerance for it.  I keep a check on it using the formula:  CO2 ppm = 3KH *
10^ (7-pH).