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Plants which can survive at 86 F.

Hi! I have been 'lurking' around for the past three months and I have summoned
up enough courage to ask for advice. I live in Bombay and the average temp. in
my (250 lt./66 gallon) tank is around 86F/30C in summer ...it goes down by
around 4 deg Celsius in winter.Have a Hagen fluval 303, and an eclectic
collection of fish : Neon rainbows, Kuhlis, Clown Loaches, Harlequins, Asian
Glass Catfish and No SAEs (India has yet to import them).
The only plants which have been successful have been Crypts (it's a jungle out
there), giant Sagittaria, and Watersprite (ceratopteris).
Could you suggest a site/book/ or send me a list of plants which survive
undersuch high temperatures?
Mohan .
Bombay India.


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