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RE: cork & sod

>Well, I know little about silicone, and found it all very confusing when
>shopping for it. What I ended up doing to attach corkBARK was using Dows
>Aquarium silicone to be safe, which comes in a small toothpaste like tube.
>If you are like me, you may find using a calking gun to be a big pain in the
>butt. This little tube is much easier to handle, and if you are just going
>to attach a few peices thats all you really need anyway.  You can see
>details of my project at http://www.aquabotanic.com/chronology.htm I need to
>update the status of the tank, its now a thriving rainbow fish tank, and the
>plants have grown out considerably.

You asked about what to put in the front in the 55. Dwarf Hairgrass would be
 nice. Good rockwork on the design BTW. I think that hairgrass is one of the
nicest foreground plants due to it's long term maintenance compared to other
foreground plants. It is easier to deal with than Gloss, Riccia, most stem
plants IMO. That wide edged garden trowel that Amano uses is perfect for
cutting "sod" squares from dense mats. Admittedly, I use a 59 cent plastic
paint scraper for the job.

 I am glad to see a surge of cork usage. This is great and a super creative
outlet for North American design.
Tom Barr