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PLEASE Answer This Rotala Question!

I'll throw this one out again because I didn't get
anything last time.  No big deal, but I would very
much like the help.    

Most plants in my thirty gallon are now doing very
well.  The small leaves are gone, and growth is good.
My problem is that my Rotala macrandra grows well but
the lower leaves fade from bright red to a whitish
green with tiny holes even though the plant keeps
growing.  Sounds like potassium deficiency, but I add
.25 ml of Flourish and Kno3 every day.  It is planted
in a clay pot with laterite, potting soil, and a Tetra
tab.  It has shown improvement since I increased the
amount of kno3 and decreased water changes to 5-7
gallons every other week.  Still, the bottom leaves
fade away.  Proximity to the lights does not seem to
matter, as stems lower down still look good on top.
Lighting is one Vitalight, one Triton, and one
Nutrigrow.  Ph 6.5, Gh 7dh, kh 4dh.  

I'm afraid to trim it because of what happened last
time; the replanted stems took a VERY long time to
aclimate.  Aside from the lower leaves fading, it
could not look better.    

This is my favorite plant, and I'm very much hoping
somebody can help. Thanks, Cavan.     

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