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Re: Found driftwood

Devan was asking about wayward wood in his yard:

> From: Devan Griffin <dustgrif at gpt_infi.net>
> I have some driftwood in my back yard courtesy of hurricane 

Sounds like a pretty good deal (well...,after the hurricane left!). Like 
you, Devan, I've collected saltwater driftwood and driftwood from 
Lake Greenwood. What I call driftwood is light as a feather, dry, 
and well worn. If it has bark material or is wet, give it a good scrub 
and let it dry, eventhough I would rather deal with the dry wood. 
With no (detectable) rain in a coon's age, our lakes now have a 
good supply. Two ways I've dealt with dry wood: I have a HUGE pot 
for Lowcountry and peanut boils and if the piece of wood is small 
enough, I sink it down with a brick or rock and let it boil. The longer 
the better. A lot of the tannins are released and I've had pieces that 
would saturate during the course of an afternoon. After a good 
scrubbing, toss it right in, since it's water-logged already. The other 
is to submerse it in an outdoor trough or kiddy pool and weight it 
down. All cleaning can be done then or when it finally water-logs 
itself (may take a while...seems like years when you need it for a 
tank). Again, a lot of the tannins are purged out then instead of in 
the tank. 

Good luck and let's hope for a calm hurricane season...we could 
use the rain, but not a foot at the time.

Jamie <"\\\><  in Greenwood, SC where the only green grass is at 
the golf course, and there's a limited amount of that!