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Lighting Question

The following is a post on behalf of Carmen Robinett who is currently having
some difficulty getting posted on the digest, although she is still
receiving the digest:
(Sorry if this gets duplicated-it didn't get posted the first day...?)
I'm wanting to add more lighting to my 40 gal aquarium which currently has
only a (eek!) 24"  Power Glo fluor. bulb (a limitation of the tank's
original light strip).  The little light is supporting a healthy, but
centralized, stand of Hygrophila polysperma and some crypts.  Now I'm
planning to take a step up and get two 30 watt bulbs.
1)	What are people's opinions regarding setting up a dual-bulb light
strip (with two bulbs in about 5" width) versus setting up two separate
single-bulb strips?  It's cheaper to get the dual and I suppose that you can
have a region of higher light intensity for demanding plants versus having a
medium overall intensity across the tank...?
2)	Would it be a good idea to initially limit the "on" time for the new
bulbs?  Kind of working the plants up to it before setting them on the 12-hr
cycle?  I was wondering if a drastic light change would upset the crypts or
incite an algal bloom.
3)	I would like to get a pre-manufactured set up, although I guess I
could construct a hood.  I haven't found a good on-line site with a broad
selection (or complete product descriptions), but I am currently taken with
a Coralife poduct advertising the following gee-whiz features on the
MailOrderPetShop site (but I'm not too happy with MOPS right now):  "space
age highly polished anodized reflector for 99.9% reflectivity, a dual
electronic ballast which uses 35% less energy than conventional tar
ballasts, and BJB end caps...pre-wired [with retrofit mounting
kit]...designed to work woth T-12 bulbs".  Sounds good to me, but does it
make anyone roll their eyes?  (Not including the "space age" part!)
	If anyone has a brand name that they recommend or features that they
really like, I'd appreciate hearing about them.  Fluorescents only, though.
4)	Query for those folks in the San Francisco/Berkeley area, my
stomping grounds.  Does anyone recommend a place that has lighting fixtures?
Albany Aquarium says they'll order something for me, so I may check that
out.  ANd can anyone tell me what the name of the big LFS in Concord
is...The Aquarium?

	Thanks so much!
*	Carmen  (relieved that Roger caught his clown plecos)

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	Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology
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