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Update on tank distaster

Ok after talking with my dad (hes a geologist) I kinda crossed off the
possibility of a metal toxicity effecting my tank.  The water in my area
comes from a large dam about 20km from my house.  The dam supplies the whole
of the Perth metropolitan area whihc is large and being close to it I assume
the water is quiet pure.  Also the geology of the area mainly consist of
granite which means the water is quite soft.  The water pipes to my house
are plastic and then short lenghts are copper.  My dad reasoned with me that
unless the water sat in the copper pipes for a long time it would be
impossible for copper toxicity to be the case.   Ok the water I get goes
into a big plastic 20L bucket and get puts straight into my tank usually
with start right added to neutralise the chlorine.  So I can't really see
any toxicity from this aspect of things.

So this leaves a deficiency issue.  Tomorrow when I pull down my tank and re
do it i'll try adding extra magnesium in the form of magnesium sulphate and
see what happens.  I think I may also add some limestone (powdered) into the
tank to try and increase the hardness a bit and give the water a better
buffering capacity (I should really measure the hardnes.. in fact all the
parameters at the lab aquatic science lab I have access to).

Anyway thats about it for now.  Any more ideas on what could be effecting my
tank would be appreciated :o)

Jon Hammond