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RE: CO2 to multiple tanks

  >Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 14:59:41 -0500
  >From: "Luebke, Jason" <jason.luebke at attws_com>
  >Subject: CO2 to multiple tanks
  >How is the best way to run CO2 from a low pressure CO2 setup to multiple
  >tanks? The tanks are close by, I just don't know if I should use a gang
  >valve or if that won't work for some reason. Any suggestions.
  >Jason Luebke
  >Minneapolis, MN

We are bringing in what we called the Hexo-Manifold.  It is to be attached
to the 1/8" FPT outlet of your CO2 Regulator and this manifold has 6 outlets
with 6 individual precision needle valves on.  Thus enabling you to feed CO2
for up to 6 aquariums individually.  We just sold the demo unit to a
gentleman whom I believe is on this list.  Hope that he will post a review
if he sees this.

Also, regarding culturing Daphnia and other plankton, I recommend the book
called Plankton Culture Manual.  As for the Daphnia Reactor, the daphnia
innoculation, fertilizer and food, you know where to find those, right?  ; )