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Wow I never thought there would be such a great response to the article I
mentioned in an earlier email.. already 10 people asking for it :o))  I
should really dig up the rest of my aquaculture stuff and find the stuff
relavent to aquariums and post it.  I used to do web publishing and graphic
design for a web publishing business.. I really should get a web page up and
running with all this info that I've found helpful in getting me from newbie
budding plant person to someone with a bit more of a clue (not much)..
hopefully this holidays when i get some time (fit it in between the trip to
Bali and to the south of Western Australia) :o))

Hope all of you who got the article found it useful and if anyone else wants
it just mail me :o))

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia
Freezing cold and night time :o)