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Re: I doan gotta do no stinkin' water changes....

> Aquatic Plants Digest       Sunday, June 4 2000       Volume 04 : Number 324
> From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>

> I don't know about Diana Walstad's methods, but I am in the midst of an
> experiment to discover:
> 1.  How long can I go without a water change?
> 2.  What will be the first symptom of not changing water?
> 3.  Can that be traced to a build-up of something in the water?
> So far I am about six months in.   The SAEs and rosy barbs look fine (10
> fish in a 50tall).   I feed every 2-4 days.  Any questions?

All the crypts melted after 3-4 months. After a cleanup and 
change of water, the plants put out new leaves. No permanent 

The dissolved solids build up, I use a TDS (total dissolved 
solids) meter to check tanks that I may have forgotten to 
do the weekly change.

I have seen tanks/fish doing well even up to 1500 mg/L, 
suprisingly green cabomba grows very well in these conditions!
Needs calcium + nitrates for fast growth..


Pictures from our annual exihibition here 


Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India