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Re: killing mycobacteria

In a message dated 06/05/2000 3:52:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Aaron writes:

 >  Our microbiologist has tested the effectiveness of bleach on mycobacteria
>  and found it doesn't kill myco.  We use nolvasan or maxima.  
>  Aaron
>  - -----  "Fish TB" is caused by mycobacteria.  Sadly, the best treatment 
>  for mycobacteriosis in fishes is to dispose of the fishes, discard the 
>  contents of the tank, and sterilize the equipment with household bleach 
>  diluted to 10%.  Pete Mohan, Kent, Ohio-------

Hi Aaron,
    I had heard this from our lab folks also, but when I looked in the Center 
for Disease Control's protocols for handling Mycobacteria, 10% household 
bleach was the recommended disinfectant.  The high concentration is 
important.  This 5000 ppm solution is much more potent than the 50 ppm I 
normally use to sterilize tanks.  I have never tried quaternary ammonium 
compounds on equipment.  Have you done so safely?   The products I have used 
tend to be quite soapy.

Pete Mohan