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Re: Daphnia requirements

How do you vacuum a tank with daphnia, without getting eggs and/or daphnia?

> I do not use any plants like water sprite as they will take the nutrients 
> of the
>  water that the green things need to propagate and thrive.  Usually put a 
> snail in with
>  them to keep the walls clean.. Vacuum the mulm off the bottom often, they 
> like it clean
>  in there, the little buggers.

also the following mail gave me a thought:

>I have (had?) the very same problem. After introducing a couple of snails 
>into my 10 gal. tank to help my pleco, all six of my neon tetras died one 
>by one with hollow stomaches and bent backs in a month. I have some 
>platties and mollies and they seem to be fine. I am watching them for 
>parasites but never seen any. Oh, my pleco died too. :-(

I do have a few snails in this daphnia tank. If I inadvently acquired them 
from the tank with the worm-ridden rams, am I culturing a batch of 
parasite-carrying daphnia?