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Re: Daphnia, green water & temperature

>The best food for Daphnia is green water

Is this necessarily true? Nutritionally, growth rates . . . ? I wasn't 
counting on dedicating 2 tanks to daphnia . . .

> You would want to try
>  for some kind of sustained yield management where you got plants out of the
>  garden without reducing the population of producing plants a lot.  The same
>  considerations apply in producing green water for Daphnia.

Good point. But I thought I could spur the algae to out-grow the food needs 
of the daphnia, such as with fertilizer/lighting etc., making an optimal 
environment that would be conducive to fast growth of the algae. 

I wonder if I can talk my neighbor into keeping her tank green for me? (I 
bargained with her for some green water to start up my tank in exchange for 
eventual green water removal services via some cultured daphnia from my