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Subject: Driftwood & Phosphate Levels


Driftwood decomposition does not create phosphates, HOWEVER IF your driftwood was collected from a bog, AND not properly cured or leached out prior to your use....

You could just be subject to the wood lettin loose some of the stuff it absorbed over the years.  Easy enough to test :)  Bucket of water from tap; test for phosphates. Pull the wood out
and sit in bucket for a couple of days (the wood..); test for phosphates.  Any change?

Subject: Driftwood & Phosphate Levels

Has anybody encountered any problems with driftwood putting phosphates
into aquarium water? I have had a real bad free floating algae problem
in a 125 gallon tank. I have tried just about everything possible. I
just did a massive clean out  of the tank plus filter over the past two
weeks. I was able to get the water very clear (also ran a diatom filter
during the cleaning process) but this past week it just went down hill
with the free floating algae quantities going up. I am trying to find
the problem through the process of elimination and now I am suspecting
that the driftwood may be the problem. It has been in the tank for about
1.5 years. Would natural decomposition of the driftwood create
phosphates? If anybody has any ideas let me know. Thanks.