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I just disocnnected my eheim 2215 and cleaned it... While cleaning it I
finally worked out how to access the impeller area (afer goign to the eheim
website and downloading a schematic of the filter)... anyway I was shocked
to find that the shaft goign through the impellor had snapped !!! The filter
had been running like this for over 1 and a half years!! (A friend gave it
to me for free.. who knows how long it had been running before that and when
the impellor shaft had snapped)  No wonder I got the occassional rattle....
anyway I gotta go get a new shaft and was wandering if the tank will be ok
with no filtration or flow for 1 or 2 days.. I guess as long as I dont feed
or add anything to the water I should be ok right ??

Jon Hammond