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Opinions on lighting

In the very near future i'm going to go from a 55 gallon to a 90 gallon
tank (freshwater).  I've currently got a custom made hood that has
provisons for four 40 watt flourescent bulbs (I'm currently only using
three).  I'm not sure that 160 watts is going to be enough for this size
tank. I've read the Krib about standard flourescent, VHO, compact
flourescent and metal halide.  I'm kind of in an information overload but
at this point I'm not ruling anything out.  What I want to know is if I
came to you and told you I wanted optimum plant growing conditions, what
lightning system would you advise me to get?  Would you combine systems
into a hybrid?  I know I'm going to get jumped on for the word "optimum".
I'm hoping to get a bunch of different opinions from the regulars on this
list and from anyone else who cares to throw their two cents in.  Thanks in