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Re: Walstad's methods

Diana Walstad removes the bacteria media out of her filters.
Mostly she just uses them to circulate the water.

The plants are more than able to absorb all the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate if
there are enough plants and the fish stocking is not extremely high.
Plants prefer ammonia as there source of nitrogen to nitrite or nitrate.
In a way the bacteria compete with the plants for the ammonia.

Bacteria are already present on the plants and surfaces inside the tank anyway.
With less bacteria, nitrate does not builds up and water changes aren't as important.

Also lots of nitrification causes water to become acid over time and water changes
are necessary to keep pH from crashing.

I removed the bacteria in my tanks set up per Diana's methods and was surprised
ammonia, nitrite and nitrate have not been measurable after three months.

Also the water is clearer than I've ever seen it even without much media in the

You might want to consider these things before you decide to go without water

I have a little more information about her book on my web page.
I asked her to have a look at it  and she seems to think the information is correct
for the most part.
Really neat book. I read it three times.
Every time I read it again I catch something I missed before.
So much information.